Hug a bug today and make the planet a better place.


For earth to be a planet of harmony and peace requires a loving attitude among all its creatures. This means all, no matter how small. There are not degrees of loving kindness and compassion. Where would we draw the line? The moment we try to set parameters on regard for other beings, the lines begin to blur, and someone always gets hurt. Insects get hurt a lot, and not for any good reason.

Practice love for all beings on small creatures first, and this attitude will grow toward all of life in general.

The Insect Rights Association was formed to educate the public on the value and importance of bugs, and to demonstrate alternative ways of living with them.


When you find an insect in your home, hold a peice of paper nearby for it to walk on . Then carry it outside and release it gently back to nature.
Open your door and shoo flying insects out, instead of smashing them with a fly swatter.
Leave spiders alone. They won't hurt you. They build beautiful webs and make lovely friends.
Let the little ants have their way. They will only explore your kitchen for a short season. They don't eat very much.
Love the dear little creatures, and see how your whole life changes.

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Some people say, "Who cares about insects? They are so small and there are billions of them." Size and number do not determine the value of life. There are plenty of humans too. What if bigger beings from another planet took the same attitude toward earth people? What if you were crushed flat by a giant human smasher the way some poor bugs are flattened by fly swatters?

Learn how insects are vital to the well being of the planet, and about the many wonderful things they do for us by visiting the links above.


Get more info or join The Insect Rights Association!
Find out about the fund raising concert for the Insect Hospital in Bloomington, Indiana.



June 11

What a great site! Just what I needed to help me solve an overpopulation problem.

I have a large basement that's a hangout / sanctuary for strange, hefty,alien-like crickets...I've forgotten the species. In any case, I'd like to find them a new home so that I won't keep stepping on them by accident. Any ideas?



June 12

Think of it as hosting musicians in your home like a sort of resident basement band. You could remove them manually by catching them in a container and taking them outside if they get too populous. They are people friendly and won't bite you. Turn on a strong light when you enter the basement. This will warn them to take shelter and help you see them better. After that point it is really their responsibility to stay out of your path. We advocate avoidance of harming insects, but if they put themselves in the path of normal human activities,( for instance perching on the bathtub drain right before someone turns on the shower), they are exercising their desire to live dangerously, and we can honor that.

We don't kill insects ever on purpose, but if they meet their demise through an accident of ours, we are not liable.




I just want to share this with you. Yesterday I was in my kitchen and saw an ant carrying a small crumb across the counter. Normally I 'd have smacked it, but I thought about your web site and it occurred to me that it was really just helping to keep my kitchen clean. I never saw it this way before .

Nicole C.


1999 Insect Rights Association